Service 24 AB is proud to announce its international consulting business.
Our business concept is to provide the customer with a comprehensive solution for international business all from finding the right and serious buyer until you get your winnings on your account or on the other hand, we use our extensive cooperation and network to find the right products for your needs or the right customer for your goods regardless of your industry or case.
Why are we aiming for consulting and, above all, why should you choose us?
Yes, because we have knowledge, a very wide network of whole values such as companies or private individuals and specialists in international agreements, simply so we can say that your business is growing and your profits are increasing.



Mr, HAMPARSSOUM has extensive experience for very varied assignments. Is educated in University of Central Florida, Expert in Electro mechanic, Expert in Shoe Factories, Graduated also from Asitorea of Milan Italy as designer modelest, in Civitanova al mare,
MANAGER IN BURUT RIYAD BANK S.A.L LEBANON. From 1990 to 1994, and from 1995 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER and expert financial Legal Advisor since then he’s represent (9) Nine Worldwide Companies. Also expert in financial Instruments, Monetization and Trade for Humantarian purposes.


How does it work ?
1- Contact us via our website.
2- Specify your needs and present yourself, your employment and your product.
3-After we have received your inquiry, we will book a cost-free personal meeting.
4- We handle your case free of charge.
5- Together with you we tailor a samebets and secrecy agreement.
6- Start acting.

Telefon: 800-123-4567
Fax: 718-724-3312
Mån-Fre: 9:00 – 17:00
Lör-Sön: 11:00 – 16:00

Vår personal är våran insats
Vi rekryterar våran personal med stort omsorg. Vårt ansvar är att skapa rätt förutsättningar för en bra arbetsmiljö där personalen skall känna sig delaktiga och uppskattade.

För oss är ett problem inget problem utan en utmaning. Vi skapar långsiktiga relationer med våra kunder genom öppna och raka dialoger.

Tjänst 24 ab bryr sig om miljön och uppdaterar ständigt personalen och tillsammans med uppdragsgivare bidrar vi på olika sätt

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